Company Spotlight – Restorationeze of Philadelphia

Every once in a while we like to spotlight a local company that is doing good and bringing value to our community. In this segment, we talk to RestorationEze owner Rusty Spoetzl about what it means to him to be able to make a living in this great city.

HP: Rusty, thanks for speaking with us. If you could, tell us what your company does.

RS: Thanks for having me! RestorationEze is a disaster recovery company, meaning we come in and fix properties when bad things happen to them. Most of our work is handling water damage emergencies, but we also deal with everything from fire losses to sewage backups and even stuff like meth lab cleanups and crime scene cleanups. We do the job no one else wants to do!

HP: Which brings me to my next question…why?

RS: I started out in a completely different industry and realized over the years that I didn’t have much satisfaction in my career. I was earning a living, but not really making a difference. But when someone has a basement flood and it feels like their entire life has been turned upside down, I get a lot of satisfaction out of being the company they trust to help them get things fixed. Some people probably think we’re just in the business of cleaning water damage or restoring homes after a fire, and that’s certainly some of the services we perform, but I really do feel like my main job is to help people get their lives back in order. For people that haven’t had a major incident like the things we deal with, it’s tough to understand just how emotionally devastating it can be. When bad stuff happens, what our customers really need is someone they can trust. Sadly, there’s a lot of water damage companies out there that can’t be trusted, so hopefully we can continue to build relationships over time and gain more of those customers’ trust.

HP: What advice would you give people if they’re dealing with water damage?

RS: There’s a couple of things people should know. First, you need to move quickly. Some clients call us a week later for whatever reason and that time we lost ends up causing a lot of problems. Sometimes it can even complicate a legitimate insurance claim. But the other thing they need to understand is that it’s their job to find a restoration company they want to work with. Too many people it’s their insurance adjuster’s job. That used to be the case, but the industry frowns upon that practice because there are too many conflicts of interest there. As a homeowner, do what’s right for you and your situation. The bill is going to be settled between us and the insurer, so just make sure you pick a company you trust will treat you right and do work the right way.


HP: That’s great advice! If a customer chooses RestorationEze, what should they expect?

RS: Well, first of all they can expect us to get our tails in gear and get out to their house whether it’s in the middle of the night on Christmas eve or there’s 2 feet of snow on the ground. In our industry, there is no time off and we understand that. Second, they can expect the work to be done according the right methods put in place by the IICRC. Nobody outside of the industry knows what that means, but the IICRC is basically the body that both provides the research behind water damage restoration to be able to properly instruct people on how best to handle it, but they also certify technicians out in the field. There’s a lot of companies out there that are happy to come out and cleanup basement flooding, but there technicians aren’t even certified and properly don’t know what they’re doing!

Outdoor Volunteer Opportunities

One of the great things about our city is the sense of community present in its inhabitants. The City of Brotherly Love isn’t just a nickname, it’s a way of living that defines us. And while people who haven’t been fortunate enough to live in this great city may think we’re a little rough around the edges, the reality is we care about each other and want to make our communities as strong as possible. But to do that, we all have to do our part. From our local politicians, teachers, parents and ordinary citizens, we all have a responsibility to chip in and help where we can. And for many, that help can be in the form of volunteer service.

Whatever your favorite cause, there is no shortage of service opportunities if you look around. But luckily, you don’t have to because we’ve compiled a wonderful list of Philadelphia volunteer opportunities!


For Nature Lovers

If you love the outdoors, gardening, farming and agriculture, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities in Philadelphia. Here are just a couple:


Bartram’s Garden

Do you love nature and the outdoors? If so, you probably appreciate the fact we have such a wonderful botanical garden in our city. But the fact is it’s beauty is only possible with the help of volunteers throughout the year. As a bonus, if you volunteer for more than 10 hours in a year you get a complementary membership for the year!



The Wyck Historic House, Gardens & Farms needs volunteers to help with a variety of things, from mentoring young children to helping teach horticulture and gardening during its summer camps.


The Spring Gardens

Ready to get your hands dirty? The the Spring Gardens might be just the place for you! They need help on the grounds with a variety of things including composting, painting fences, construction work, and maintaining the grounds and public spaces. Allergic to manual labor? No problem, you’re still needed to help with special events!


Philadelphia Parks & Recreation

philadelphia-parkPhiladelphia has dozens of parks within our city limits. They’re wonderful spaces that we’ve grown up enjoying and that kids and adults can use to get away from the urban environment and exercise or just sit under a tree and relax. But there’s no shortage of work that can be done to help keep these parks beautiful. If you would like to get involved by helping maintain the park in your area, visit their site to learn how you can get involved!



This is a really cool initiative spearheaded by the Parks and Recreation Department that was launched due to Mayor Nutter’s Greenworks goal of making every Philly neighborhood has at least 30% tree canopy coverage.  Explore their site and get in touch, as they need volunteer help with a whole host of tasks!


The Food Trust

If you’re passionate about healthy foods, then this is the cause for you. The Food Trust’s mission is to make sure everyone has access to nutritious food as well as the information they need to make healthy eating choices. If that’s a cause you believe in, then they could use your help. Volunteer opportunities range from one-off projects to weekly or monthly service work!